Grow your business with Conversion Optimization

Improve your online leads, sales and profit with optimization services from Optamo.

I am so excited to get this site updated. Right now this is a placeholder but if you are a SaaS or Ecommerce business owner – I can help you with A/B testing and Conversion Optimization.

I identify where your website is leaking money and help fix it. I do this through monthly A/B testing and conversion rate optimization all for a flat monthly fee.

If you don’t have the time, expertise or even know where to start – I can help.

How I help with conversion optimization

  • I pinpoint where your website and funnel is leaking money and identify the biggest opportunities for improvement
  • I develop and create optimized treatments for design, copy & user flow
  • I run a/b tests to figure out which treatment works best for your audience and improves your busines results

Who is behind Optamo?

I have worked in-house and with agencies to grow traffic and increase conversions for businesses for the last 11 years. I focus on conversion optimization for ecommerce and software as a service (SaaS). For now feel free to reach out by email at

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